empower: abilities embraces the holiday spirit at Springfield Christmas Parade (with Grinchy Twist)

December 11, 2023

Amidst a vibrant procession of floats at the 2023 Springfield Christmas Parade, empower: abilities took to the streets, infusing the festivities with a touch of Grinchy charm. Staff members participated in a "Grinch" themed holiday bus display complete with a Christmas tree hanging out of the back of the bus, embodying the spirit of unity in a festive holiday setting.

In alignment with the parade's overarching theme, "Santa Paws is Coming to Town," the empower: abilities staff embraced the Grinch theme, adding a layer of whimsy to the event. Shelby Butler, Director of Independent Living and Public Policy, donned the persona of Max from the Grinch, while Tina Sheldon embodied "The Grinch" and Terri and Jason Gaddy dressed as Martha May Whovier and Augustus May Who, respectively.

The empower: abilities staff, family and friends actively participated in making the parade a memorable experience for all. As the bus progressed through the route, candy was handed out and even a few toys bestowed upon some children, creating many joyous moments for everyone.

empower: abilities' participation in the Springfield Christmas Parade was an opportunity to share in the community holiday spirit but also underscored the organization's dedication to removing barriers and fostering independent living for individuals with disabilities.

empower: abilities brought a unique touch of "The Grinch" to the 2023 Springfield Christmas Parade. The organization's participation exemplified the power of community engagement and the joy that arises from spreading kindness and inclusivity during the holiday season.


empower: abilities (formerly SCIL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to remove barriers and empower independent livingfor all people with disabilities. Learn more at empowerabilities.org.