Programs and SErvices


You have the right to live with dignity, with appropriate support in your home, fully participate in your community and to make your own life changing decisions.

Universal Design Apartment

Universal design is a way of designing for use by anyone, regardless of ability. This design removes separation and provides an environment that all people can use freely and without barriers. It helps people with disabilities and those that want to age in place to live independently. At empower: abilities, we house a universally designed apartment that is fully accessible and has state of the art features that make living with a disability easier. The apartment is available for builders, developers, and anyone wishing to consider making homes accessible to everyone.

Assistive Technology

There are two ways to begin removing barriers – by using assistive devices or technology and/or by making the most of the built environment through design and modifications


Our trained staff can help in exploring a variety of devices to assist people with multiple types of disabilities to increase their independence and safety. Items available include devices for the deaf or hearing impaired, blindness or low vision, and mobility impairments. We have over 600 devices for you to try and can assist in finding the right resolution for you. Please Call for an appointment or email Bethany Hornbeck at

Deaf Equipment Assistance Program:

This program provides essential equipment for living independently as an individual with severe hearing loss or deafness. This program is income based and offers assistance in purchasing equipment with a co-pay and is dependent on available funding.

Home Modifications

RAMPS – Renovation and Modification Projects

In 1991, empower: abilities started with the objective to improve accessibility for seniors and people with disabilities in their homes. empower: abilities provides home modifications at no charge for low income seniors and people with disabilities that qualify in the eight southwest Missouri counties we serve: Christian, Dallas, Greene, Lawrence, Polk, Stone, Taney and Webster.

empower: abilities has staff trained in ADA accessibility laws and construction principles. We can help in assessing your access needs and determining the best solutions for your home. Our professional staff can offer information and resources to increase safety and access in and out of the home. In some instances, we can provide assistance installing a ramp, handrails or grab bars. Please contact us for additional information and understand that all services are contingent on funding and/or volunteer ramp builders.

The types of modifications that empower: abilities provides include accessibility outside and inside a person’s home. Examples are:

  • Wheelchair Ramp or Wedge Ramp
  • Handrails
  • Grab Bars