Free Special Needs Planning Presentation Offered by Mark Archer at empower: abilities

March 22, 2024

Mark Archer, from Archer Financial, delivered a crucial presentation on Special Needs Planning, Special Needs Trusts, and ABLE Accounts. The event took place on March 21st from 6 to 8 pm at empower: abilities, aiming to address pressing concerns faced by families with special needs dependents.

During the presentation, attendees received guidance on crucial topics such as ensuring the future care of children with special needs once parental care is no longer possible. Archer provided strategies for devising impermeable plans to safeguard inheritances without jeopardizing Medicaid or Social Security benefits (SSI, SSDI). Additionally, families were offered guidance on caretaking responsibilities in unforeseen circumstances.

Archer also shed light on the MOABLE program's functionality and conducted a comprehensive Q&A session on Special Needs Trusts. Attendees had the opportunity to gain invaluable insights and peace of mind regarding the financial and care aspects of their loved ones' futures, thanks to Archer's expertise.