NaviLens Provides Blind or Low Vision Individuals Invaluable Support

May 22, 2024

empower: abilities pioneers the installation of NaviLens a new technology supporting the blind or visually impaired

Empower: abilities is committed to fostering accessibility and inclusivity within our community. Our recent initiative to install NaviLens technology represents a significant step towards achieving this goal. Developed as a new form of QR-style codes, NaviLens codes have been strategically placed throughout our Center, providing invaluable support for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

NaviLens codes, easily recognizable by their vibrant colors, can be scanned using the free NaviLens app, requiring no user registration. The app's innovative technology enables users to identify codes within a 160-degree radius, providing both audio feedback and crucial information such as distance. This enables individuals to safely navigate our facilities, locate essential amenities like bathrooms and exits, and access pertinent information such as office hours, contact details, and our organization's mission.

Beyond aiding the blind and visually impaired, NaviLens technology also benefits individuals with reading or learning impairments and non-native speakers, as the app can read information in the user's preferred language.

At Empower: abilities, we take pride in leading by example and demonstrating how businesses can leverage technology to enhance accessibility for all customers. We encourage other organizations to explore the possibilities of NaviLens and similar innovations, recognizing the transformative impact they can have on both businesses and communities.