See the Possibilities Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

April 1, 2024

Empower: abilities 2024 Annual Meeting was a vibrant testament to its commitment to independence, innovation, and the boundless potential encapsulated in its theme, "See the Possibilities." CEO Shannon Porter shared inspiring stories of impact, underscoring the organization's transformative journey over the past 14 years.

Among the poignant moments was John Kereke's heartfelt testimony about how empower: abilities helped him transition out of a nursing home in 2018 through the Show Me Home Program. Kereke's experience illustrates empower: abilities dedication to supporting individuals in reclaiming their independence and choice, showcasing the real-life possibilities that exist with the right support.

Keynote speaker Dr. Debra Williams, known for her dedication to providing low-vision clinical services in Southwest Missouri, emphasized the importance of vision care and consumer choice in her address. Her words echoed empower: abilities mission of removing barriers and empowering independent living for all people with disabilities.

The meeting also featured insights from Frank Taylor, a key figure in the Legends Project, which focuses on braille literacy and innovative technology for the blind. As partners with NaviLens, Taylor's presentation showcased the revolutionary technology's potential to enhance accessibility for individuals with low vision or blindness through mobile applications. His efforts support empower: abilities commitment to collaborating with organizations to bring cutting-edge solutions to people living with disabilities in Southwest Missouri, inviting attendees to see the endless possibilities that arise when barriers are removed.

Porter highlighted the organization's Assistive Technology room, showcasing over 700 devices aimed at enhancing independence and accessibility.

The meeting concluded with the presentation of awards to community partners and empower: abilities team members who work diligently and effectively to carry our mission forward.

In summary, the 2024 empower: abilities annual meeting celebrated a legacy of empowerment and progress while inviting attendees to embrace the vision of possibilities that lie ahead. Through partnerships, innovative solutions, and heartfelt testimonies, empower: abilities continues to break down barriers and empower individuals with disabilities to see and seize the endless possibilities that await them.